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Excuses We Give to Avoid Getting Help

As seasoned therapists, we've heard many reasons why people choose not to get help when suffering. However, these 4 reasons are often really excuses. Here's how we can break through them (using music, of course!):

I don’t have time

Listening to a song to help you shift your mood can take less than 5 minutes! This is a skill worth taking the time to learn. 

My problems aren’t that bad

If something is bugging you, it is worth trying to resolve. Music and meditation exercises can help you calm your mind in order to identify what is troubling you, and begin to think creatively about how to resolve the challenge.

I need to focus on the needs of others first

There are lots of reasons you may want to focus on others, but some of them are incredibly unhelpful - for other people and for you. If you find you are being a fixer because you feel you are responsible for another’s happiness, or that you are problem-solving to address your need for control, it's time to consider your motivations for helping. Lyric analysis and songwriting are excellent tools for processing these situations.

Emotions don’t need to be processed

Emotions help us recognize our needs, and communicate those needs. Regardless of whether or not you pay attention to them, your emotions will influence how you think and make decisions. Identify your emotions and allow yourself to feel them through playing along to music. If you’ve got an instrument to use-great! If not, grab a couple pencils and tap along.

It’s easy to dismiss your mental health. But the impacts of ignoring things like depression, anxiety or addiction can be broad and lifelong. If you’d like help getting started on a journey to healing, music therapy can be a wonderful tool.


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