Residential  Communities

Music for Connection

The current health concerns created by COVID-19 are causing many people to have to adjust how they live. As companies shift their work forces and environments, schools make adjustments, and social distancing is put into effect, the lack of interaction and the loss of normalcy can leave many people feeling isolated, distracted, and unmotivated.


Music is a powerful, universal tool, used throughout the existence of humanity as a method of communication, a way to influence emotions, and a means to access connection to ourselves and others.

Board certified music therapist Marlys Woods offers virtual music therapy sessions for residential environments to help residents navigate the need to process emotions and shifting responsibilities while coping with stay-at-home orders and changes in routine.

Residents gain tools to manage their emotions through activities like music listening, songwriting, drumming, and mindfulness - all while having fun and connecting with one another. And we all know that people who feel lower stress levels are better able to maintain a better sense of well-being and stability.

No musical knowledge or experience is required. Even if many of your amenities are not currently accessible, you can still help residents to cultivate a sense of community and build morale in a virtual environment, using something that everyone knows and loves - music!

One-time sessions and packages are available. Use the contact information below to inquire about Music for Connection sessions for your residents.