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Treatment Facility Training

Broaden Your Scope of Business and Improve Client Success through Using Music Effectively in Treatment Sessions!

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Music is one of the most powerful and effective tools available for accelerating healing.

But, very few mental health treatment professionals are trained with the complete set of skills needed to provide music-assisted interventions to clients in treatment settings.


In short...

When not presented properly, music-based sessions can be ineffective and have the potential to harm instead of help.

Without the proper training, those using music who are working specifically in mental health can potentially trigger overwhelming emotions, desire to use, and/or flashbacks of repressed memories. While this is certainly unintentional, missing the key signs and not knowing how to adjust the music in the moment can lead to major setbacks for clients.


This training is designed to help facility staff accelerate the healing process by taking your clients deeper in their emotional processing skills through the use of music. We're empowering those who work with this population, including music therapists, LMFTs, LPCCs, LACs, mental health counselors, and staff. We'll show you how to create effective, dynamic experiences and gain confidence using music in mental health settings, including addiction, eating disorder, anxiety and depression.

Using Music in Mental Health Recovery Training

What You Will Learn:

  • Why all music applications aren't created equal - and how to choose what works

  • Understanding of how the characteristics of music affect both physical and emotional responses

  • How to use existing concepts in mental health treatment so you can support programming with music- without re-inventing the wheel

  • How to stay within your scope while still being effective

  • How music-assisted sessions specifically intended for this population are designed and how to create them

  • How to use music yourself to stay resilient while working in mental health

  • How to use your training within your programming

Meet Your Training Coordinator


Marlys Woods MS, LMFT, MT-BC is the founder of Get In Tune Music Therapy, providing effectively trained music therapists to facilities focused on addiction, mental health, and eating disorders since 2013.


Through her extensive experience working in these populations, she identified techniques that allow music therapists to provide effective sessions within the scope of practice, while supporting the work of therapists and counselors. She leads a team of board-certified music therapists who work in treatment centers throughout the US, provides virtual training and group supervision to music therapists and recovery center professionals, and offers online resources for individuals.

Using Music in Mental Health Recovery Training

- What's Included -

  • Customized training curriculum based on who is participating from your treatment center and their knowledge base

  • Interactive virtual sessions including real-time feedback on how to effectively implement music within a session

  • An in-depth, 50-page 2-part digital workbook for each participant

  • Additional exercises that can be done at your convenience during the training

  • 12 done-for-you music-assisted session plans you can use immediately in your facility

Pricing is based on the number of participants. Please contact us for a free consultation to learn more.

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