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Does being with family during the holidays present challenges for you?

Get Harmony for the Holidays, a self-guided, therapeutic music experience

for working through holiday emotions for FREE!

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  • Identify what makes you uncomfortable during holiday family gatherings

  • Discover one of the most powerful actions for creating harmony for yourself during the holidays - and what to do about it

  • Learn powerful tools connected to music that you can use over and over again

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Being with family and extended family over the holidays can be a wonderful time of reconnection. It can also be a challenge! When family members project their opinions, worry, or judgments on to us, it can be difficult to be in the midst of that environment - and even more so if we are staying in the same space, whether we are hosting, being the guest, or coming back to the home where we grew up.

It can be easy to become agitated or triggered. BUT - it doesn't have to be this way. You can learn to identify, manage, and communicate your emotions in an effective way that contributes to your well-being!

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Harmony for the Holidays is a self-guided, self-paced set of music therapy-based exercises designed to help you identify, manage, and communicate your emotions so you can make the most out of your time with family around the holidays. 

Music is one of the fastest ways for us to connect with our emotions, and once you have the right tools and know how to use music properly, you will be able to shift your emotions in an empowering way, using one of the most powerful tools in the world!

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