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Mental Health Group Therapy

Remote Learning

Whether you are post-treatment or seeking help for the first time, we are here to support you and accelerate your healing. Together we'll face it, feel it, and find freedom.

Music is a powerful, universal tool, used throughout the existence of humanity as a method of communication, a way to influence emotions, and a means to access connection to ourselves and others.

Most of us engage with music regularly, but in Get In Tune group therapy sessions, you will learn how to use music effectively and actively to take concrete steps forward in achieving mental well-being. The tools you'll gain can be utilized on your own, throughout your life!

Our board-certified music therapists will use research-based music interventions to develop awareness and coping skills to work through the situations and emotions that are keeping you stuck. Our group sessions are especially impactful, as music making with others increases connectedness, and positive emotions!

No musical experience is necessary! We are highly experienced therapists and musicians, and we make the basic expressive aspects of music accessible to everyone. We also tap into a variety of learning styles and types of experiences, to find the music therapy interventions that work best for you!

Let's chat about your wants and needs and create a therapy program that will guide you to where you want to be.

We currently have a wait-list for group sessions. However, once you complete this form, we will get in touch with you and get you connected with a group as soon as possible.

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