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In Tune

Therapeutic Self  Study  Program


Learn how to manage your emotions and get in tune with yourself using music!

The current conditions created by COVID-19 are causing many people to create long-term adjustments to how they live. As people are encouraged to continue social distancing and to continue working from home or to wait for economic restoration, the loss of normalcy can result in higher levels of stress and anxiety.

Music is a powerful, universal tool, used throughout the existence of humanity as a method of communication, a way to influence emotions, and a means to access connection to ourselves and others.


Board certified music therapist Marlys Woods has created an affordable self-study program that helps you learn coping strategies to manage your emotions and create a greater sense of self alignment.


This 12-session program uses activities like music listening, songwriting, drumming, drawing, and mindfulness - all of which can be repeated and enjoyed as often as you wish.


No musical knowledge or experience is required - learn coping skills that can be used for the rest of your life, using something that everyone knows and loves - music!

This program is available for individuals as well as for therapists to use with their clients.