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Get In Tune Music Therapy provides services to addiction treatment facilities, corporate wellbeing and residential life programs, and individuals seeking self development and renewal.

Through the use of music, a relaxed and fun environment supports and encourages clients to express themselves in a softer and more vulnerable manner than is typical in other settings. As a result, they are able to better connect with themselves and one another, feeling less alone, more grounded, and more able to cope with stress and anxiety.


In addiction settings, Get In Tune provides an innovative, specialized genre of music therapy that expertly weaves core messages specifically designed for alcohol and substance abuse recovery (12-step philosophy or customized tools aligned with the messaging of your facility). Our methods, developed through intensive training in evidence-based practices and honed by years of professional practice, uniquely position clients to become more successful on their road to addiction recovery.



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About Marlys Woods


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Marlys Woods is a Board Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC) and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Being involved with music through performance throughout her life, Marlys wanted to pursue a career path that combined her love of music with her desire to serve others. While she has worked with clients ranging from developmentally disabled adults and children to military vets and those in hospice care, Marlys noticed a lack of music therapists
comfortable working in recovery and sought to create and provide specialized approach to using music in an
addiction recovery setting. She founded Get In Tune Music Therapy in 2013 to better serve this population.


Marlys is passionate about using her knowledge of relationships, people, and music to help those struggling with addiction. mental health. Evidenced by a high level of client success, she believes music therapy is an integral part of addiction recovery, and so it is Marlys’ mission to introduce and expand music therapy services to as many people as possible.

In the midst of much needed mental health support due to COVID-19, Marlys expanded Get In Tune's services to include corporate wellbeing, residential living amenities, and self study programs. She currently serves sites in Southern California and the Greater Denver Area, as well as offering virtual services worldwide.


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