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6 Ways to Release Anger or Stress with Music!

Did you know that expressing anger towards others without first calming your body can actually make you MORE frustrated?

The best way to process intense, hot emotions like anger or overwhelming stress is to first lessen the big emotion. Here are 6 ways to do this with music:

  1. Shake your hands to release tension - As you start to calm, shake to a slow, steady beat

  2. Hum - Humming releases tension in your vocal apparatus and slows your breathing

  3. Force a smile - This sends a message to your nervous system that there isn't an emergency. To get to a place where you can force a smile (or even smile genuinely!) think of a favorite happy song.

  4. Sing a mantra - This will help you change your thought focus

  5. Dance!

  6. Tap your fingers - Tapping on your body to a beat (try your own inhalations and exhalations ) also calms your nervous system


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