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Finding the right daily pick-me-ups (with music!)

Our emotions and mental energy can fluctuate throughout the day, but little pick-me-up exercises can make a big differences!

Here is a short guide to help you figure out what your body and mind may need now: 

Do a quick body scan. Does your body crave energy and movement, or time to center? 

If your answer is energy → Try a quick pump up music dance party

If your answer is time to center → Pause your day and do a calming music meditation

Now let's do a mental check in. If you are experiencing a difficult emotion, it can be tempting to avoid the emotion, but try to dig deeper into your needs. Do you wish you could talk to someone else about it? Or, could it be time to feel and face that emotion?

If your answer is talking to someone → Find a song that you are resonating with and bring that to a loved one to start the conversation about what you are going through and what you need for support

If your answer is to feel and face the emotion → Get out an instrument or anything that can make noise and play it out. Then reflect on the experience and what that emotion is telling you with journaling or meditation.

Checking in with your mind & body is an important practice, one that can be tricky to remember to consistently do! But when you do this, you can make the modifications needed to help you get back on track, changing the trajectory of your whole day!


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