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How Music Therapy Can Help YOU!

Most people feel very connected to their music. That’s probably because music can connect you to your emotions faster than almost anything else. It allows you to feel like you relate to something, and something relates to you.

If you struggle to talk about your feelings or struggle to find words to describe your feelings, oftentimes music can help! 

BUT - there’s something you need to know...

Because music is such a powerful connector, it can also hold you back if you don’t use it correctly to cope with uncomfortable emotions. 

However, Music Therapy (with a music therapist trained to work in mental health) gives you the tools along with the guidance of a therapist so you can use music effectively to work through things.

At Get In Tune, ALL our therapists specialize in mental health work - anxiety, depression, and those who are in treatment or recovery for addiction or eating disorder. We use our innovative Feel it, Face it, Freedom formula to help you discover ways to identify, express, and communicate more openly using music so you can stop being held back and experience the freedom to live the life you want and go after your dreams!

If you are ready to try music therapy with Get In Tune, check out our "For Individuals" option on the menu bar.


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