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Let's Celebrate World Music Therapy Day!

Did you know music has been used as a healing tool in various ways around the world, and throughout history? I find this so fascinating, and I love to deepen my understanding and knowledge base about how music is being used in different parts of the world.

In honor of the celebration of World Music Therapy Day (March 1) I want to share a bit about an experience I had with music as a healing tool in Bali! This experience helped to remind me how our bodies connect through music.

First, I had a singing bowl placed on my chest, and I could feel the vibrations radiate throughout my body. Then, the facilitator also matched my breathing, by humming each time I exhaled. This experience was deeply connecting and grounding.

You can try part of this connection experience by yourself or with another:

Put your hand on your chest. Feel yourself inhale, and as you exhale, make a humming sound and feel the vibration created in your body. Do this 5-10 times. If working with another, you can match your breathing and hum simultaneously as you exhale.

I love how this exercise can create a sense of calm in such a short period of time.



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