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It’s Mental Health Awareness Month, and this year’s theme is #MoreThanEnough.

This is a theme we can really get behind at Get In Tune! The belief that we are all inherently worthy is one we hold deeply. Unfortunately, many of us go through periods of life where we struggle to believe this about ourselves. That is why the work that we all do is so crucial. Through empowering others to see themselves as more than enough and fully deserving of support, we can also show everyone we work with how to travel further on their healing journeys towards that place of freedom.

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, we would like to invite you to think about how *you* are #MoreThanEnough.

If you are having a difficult time coming up with reasons you are more than enough, or have been feeling inadequate or discouraged lately, try this:

Each day, take note of one positive moment, big or tiny. A breakthrough. A kind word. Any moment of hope. And physically write it down. Put those moments in a jar. At the end of the week or the month, find a comfy spot to sit, turn on the song “Love My Life” by Robbie Williams, and read each slip of paper with intention.

We are more than enough! 💜 - Marlys


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