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Music + Art + Loved One = Genuine Connection!

Maintaining connections with those we love can be tough - especially during busy seasons! This is one way to use the powerful combination of music + art to build connection with a loved one.

(And neither of you need to be an artist or a musician - although it’s fine if you are!)

Step One:

Sit down with someone you’d like to connect with (friend, family member…kids can do this too!).

Step Two: 

Each of you pick out about 6-8 minutes of music (2 songs each). Put these songs all together on a playlist.

Step Three: 

Get two blank pieces of paper and two different colored drawing or writing utensils. Each of you gets one piece of paper and one writing utensil.

Step Four: 

Turn on your playlist and draw whatever comes to mind. Each time a song ends, trade papers.

Step Five: 

Look at the two drawings you created together. What do you see?

This exercise is all about working together to create and not having full control. You have to help each other to build a cohesive picture!

This exercise is about both the process and the product. If you try this out, we hope this process brings up good conversation and insights, and that the product reflects the both of you (and maybe even who you are together)!


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