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This is My Story

I was an avoidant, people-pleasing, numb, ambitious, good kid who could not make my own decisions, could not stand up for myself, and yet no one knew I was struggling because I was always smiling and always achieving. I always felt like a shell of a person. Or like I had a muzzle on, unable to express my true thoughts and emotions, and even if I felt free to do so, I didn’t have the words. 

When I became a music therapist and then a licensed marriage and family therapist I learned that music - which was literally the only way I learned what I was feeling when I was growing up and as a young adult - was also the thing that was keeping me stuck! It kept me in those emotions and beliefs and kept me isolated. I thought, no one gets me. ONLY the music gets me. But that wasn't really true. 

As I learned to connect to myself and my emotions through therapy and school, and I started my own healing journey, I learned that many of us experience the same things and that it was possible to share and connect with my friends and family. They were willing to listen and they wanted to understand. I just needed the tools.

So I developed them. I learned how to use music intentionally to identify what I was feeling, to face it, and find freedom. I am significantly less afraid of being abandoned for being who I am and I’m willing to take risks by being vulnerable and authentic.

I credit that to what my music therapists and I work on with our clients at Get In Tune. I call it the Feel it, Face it, Freedom formula. This formula changed my life, and we’re here to help you learn how to use it so you can change yours!


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