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What your emotions may be saying about you…

It is common in American culture to avoid emotions. We do this for a variety of reasons! We may have internalized the message that emotions make one weak. Or seeing others avoid their feelings may have taught us that emotions are meaningless. Additionally, those of us who are caregivers or who work in a helping profession may have determined that our emotions are not as important as others’ needs. Whatever the reason, emotions SHOULD be felt.


Your emotions are trying to tell you something about yourself. They are trying to tell you what you NEED. Anger may be telling you that your needs are being compromised. Anxiety may be telling you that a need is being threatened. 

The way to figure out what your emotions are telling you is to face them, feel them, and communicate them. And we’re here to help you do that. If you'd like to try out a Get In Tune music therapy exercise today, check out Transform Your Inner Storm. It's a free, no commitment way to see how music can help you tap into your emotions.


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