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Winter Blues? Try this!

Try out one of these 5 ways to boost your energy with music.

  1. WALK - Pause your work, stand up, and turn on an upbeat song. Walk around to the beat of the song.

  2. STRETCH - Choose a medium-tempo song and start stretching your body, rolling your neck, shrugging your shoulders, and continuing down your body, ending with tapping your feet.

  3. DANCE - Did you know you could dance sitting down? While getting up and moving your entire body to music is fantastic, you can get energy boost benefits from dancing while you are working or sitting in your chair. Turn on your tunes, move your head, kick those feet. Have fun!

  4. SING - Doesn’t matter if you are a Beyonce-level diva or a secret shower crooner, your body benefits from singing. Energize yourself by belting out a fav song.

  5. EXERCISE - Add upbeat, fast-tempo music to your workout. Your body will move in time to the music, helping increase your workout intensity!


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