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25 Signs that Now is the Time to Start Music Therapy

BetterHelp made this great list of signs you should go to therapy. Did you know you could learn how to use your own music to address these in music therapy?

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1. You Often Feel Overwhelmed

2. Depression or Anxiety Is Interfering With Your Quality of Life

3. You Experienced Trauma

4. You’re Experiencing Increased Irritability in Your Relationships

5. You’re Having Problems at Work

6. You’re Eating or Sleeping More or Less Than Usual

7. You Feel Apathetic About Everything

8. You’re Angry or Resentful

9. You’re Grieving a Loss

10. You’re Coping By Using Alcohol or Drugs

11. You’re Keeping Secrets

12. You’re Experiencing Ongoing Weariness

13. You Find Yourself Isolating & Withdrawing Socially

14. You Feel Stuck or Have a Lack of Motivation

15. You’re Constantly Asking Friends & Family for Advice

16. Your Relationship Is Struggling

17. You’re Feeling Lost After a Big Life Change

18. You Have a Problem That’s Causing You Shame or Embarrassment

19. Your Baseline Behavior or Feelings Have Changed

20. You Have Trouble Putting Words to What You're Feeling

21. You’re Ruminating or Obsessing About Something

22. You Want to Invest in Your Mental Health

23. Your Usual Coping Strategies Are Having Painful or Undesired Consequences

24. You Need a Neutral Person to Get Something Off Your Chest

25. You Think You Should!


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