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What Anxiety & Depression DO and DO NOT Mean About You

If you are experiencing anxiety and/or depression, know that, no matter how you are feeling in the day to day, your mental health struggles do not define you as a person.

Anxiety and Depression DON’T mean you are any of the negative emotions or invasive thoughts you are feeling.

Instead, Anxiety and Depression DO mean you are needing help and support. You are human and you are going through a tough time. You may be worn out, or overstimulated, or be experiencing a myriad of other challenges, and you may need more space and less demands.

Mental health struggles like anxiety and depression do not mean you are any less than others. They simply mean you need some multi-faceted support. 

Music can be an excellent part of your support structure - through active music making, writing and listening to music, mediation, and much more. Let us know if you’d like to learn more. We’re here.


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