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Why It’s Important to Identify Your Emotions (and How You Can Do This!)

In our culture here in the United States, many of us are taught to stuff or ignore our emotions. Emotions can be viewed as a weakness. "She's too emotional." "You're overreacting." "Crying is for babies."

Yet, emotions are incredibly important. We EVOLVED to have a variety of emotions because they keep us safer and healthier.

Emotions motive you.

Emotions help you avoid danger.

Emotions assist in decision making.

Emotions allow you to understand your needs.

Emotions give you words to communicate with others.

Emotions build relationships.

Emotions are important, and recognizing and responding to emotions is vital for our mental health.

At Get In Tune, we work with all our clients to help them identify their TRUE emotions. And to do so, we use MUSIC.Music can connect you to what you’re feeling faster than almost anything.

Singing, songwriting, playing, listening…there are so many ways!

Next time you are feeling out of sorts and aren't sure why, or can't seem to get out of a funk, try using music. Release by singing a favorite song. Explore by journaling to music or writing a song. Center by doing a guided meditation.

Face it. Feel it. Freedom.

--And if you'd like help ensuring your use of music is effective and safe, try music therapy. Check out our Individual Sessions or In Tune DIY Music Therapy today.


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