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This is a skill you weren't taught...

You know how when you were a kid it was just assumed you had the skills to avoid things you were told not to do, like drinking, doing drugs or having sex? But you weren’t taught any skills - You were just told not to do it. 

It might surprise you to learn that music falls into this same category. Most people have turned to music to cope with uncomfortable emotions. But using music for this purpose actually requires skills as well - skills you weren’t taught. 

Perhaps you’re thinking, that doesn’t make any sense, because music felt helpful to you in these situations. You might be thinking, “Music was a lifeline for me when I was struggling. Music gets me. Music always makes me feel better!” 

BUT the fact is that while those things felt true, your music probably caused harm by keeping you stuck in a loop of those emotions, because you didn't know how to use it to help you to HEAL the pain. Instead, it felt like it helped because it helped you escape, avoid, or tune out whatever was causing you pain.

And if it gave you a revelation that changed your thought process, that’s great, but that didn’t happen intentionally.  And that’s what we’re here to do. We’re here to teach you how to intentionally use your music to heal… To identify and understand your feelings, face and work through your emotions, and communicate those emotions when necessary so you can be FREE of that place where you feel disempowered, held back, or locked in. And when you’re free from that, you can experience the freedom to create the life you want to be living!



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